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Muse Amsterdam, founded in 2005, is 

Founded in 2005, Muse Amsterdam began as an internationally recognised company for its innovative and creative new approaches to communication, enabling direct interaction between brands and people. Their 3D projections have been around the world with displays for Samsung 3D and retailer H&M. Now it’s Hot Wheels turn in Sydney.


Mattel (AUS)
Senior Marketing Manager: Amanda Allegos
Senior Brand Manager: Ben Caddy

Muse Amsterdam (NL) 
Client Services Director: Michael Littaur
Project Managers: Bert-Jan Strating, Wouter Donkers
Creative Director: Sander Ejlenberg
Art Director: Philia Beroud
Design: Magnus Löwing , Elano Collaco do Monte Teixeira
Strategy: Karlijn van den Berg


Production & Animation Company: PostPanic (NL)
Directors: Eat My Dear/Patrick Sturm, Markus Hornof
Executive Producer: Jules Tervoort
Technical Supervisor: Ivor Goldberg/Matthijs Joor
Design/Animation: Simon Griesser, Markus Hornof, Miro Klasinc, Patrick Sturm
Directors PostPanic: Justin Blyth, Chris Staves & Mischa Rozema 
Technical supervision & Play-out: BeamSystems (NL)
Local Agency Mattel: 2Fish (AUS)
Hardware: TDC (AUS)
Sound design: MassiveMusic